Studentenheim Am Heilbrunnen

Am Heilbrunnen 10, 72766 Reutlingen, Germany


The house has three floors. Each floor has eleven rooms and one public kitchen, which is shared by the students on the floor. In the public kitchens we have the basic kitchenware but it is advisory for the students to bring their own kitchenware.


The tenants share the public facilities (12 toilets and 8 bathroom cabins) - half of them for the female and the other half for the male residents.

There are appartements and shared appartements available with private kitchen, separated bathrooms in the basement and in the extension building.

The house has a big garden. It is traditional for the residents to organise barbecues and picnics there.

The basic furniture and equipment a room consists of is a bed with a mattress, desk, wardrobe, shelf, garbage can, mirror and washbassin. Most of the rooms have Satellite-TV connection, Internet connection and telephone account. However from room to room there might be slight variations.

As there are very strict regulations in Germany for garbage separation and recycling, the tenants are kindly asked to concur with the general regulations.




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